Makura-e Private pillow of Chōbunsai Eishi


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Makura-e Chōbunsai Eishi Pillow Print 鳥 文 斎 栄 之 (1756-1829) Beauty on old Japanese woodblocks of pillow

Erotic art is known as 枕 絵 makura-e, or "pillow imagery," and "sleep together" is nicknamed 枕 を 交 わ す - "mix pillows".

During the early years of the new Meiji government, the country adopted Victorian morality, establishing an explicit ban on shunga in Tokyo in 1869.

However, shunga and makura-e, continued to take place, adopting some of the aesthetic changes of the time, marked by the adaptation to Western patterns and techniques.

At the thematic level and represented characters, we also see the incorporation of new elements representative of the new society, but during this period the consumption of the engravings increased, since they were considered a kind of amulets for good luck, especially among the geishas.


Artist - Chōbunsai Eishi 鳥 文 斎 栄 之 (1756-1829)

Image Size - 22,90 x 16,20 cm  / 9" x 6 3/8"

Condition - Eishi specialized in the portraits of the bijin-ga of beautiful women with great mastery of color Japanese engraving in madrea, also highlighting his works shunga and makura-e, his paintings were in the collection of Empress Go-Sakuramachi, En ciones perfect , see images.


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