Couple in the bathroom


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Couple in the bath 1772 Original Shunga of Isoda Koryūsai (礒 田 湖 龍 斎) 1735-1790 of the series Flowers of the twelve seasons


Koryūsai was born in 1735 and worked as a samurai in the service of the Tsuchiya clan. He became a rōnin, masterless samurai after the death of the clan chief, moving to Edo, present-day Tokyo, where he settled near the Ryōgoku Bridge in the Yagenbori area.

He was a self-taught woodblock print, under the name of Haruhiro beginning his first works of Japanese engraving were samurai designs.

Koryusai was an artist who made his woodblock print a single sheet.

In 1776, he launched "Models for Fashion", one of his most important series, but is best known for his kacho-e, images of birds and flowers, bijin-ga, beautiful women prints, hashira-e, woodblock print to be hung.

The emperor granted to Koryusai the prestigious epithet "Hokkyo", of great prestige in those days.

Koryusai was one of the first ukiyo-e artists to use the oban format, which allowed him to create larger woodblock print, subsequently becoming the standard size for ukiyo-e.


Artist - Isoda Koryūsai (

Image Size - Aproximadamente 18,40  x 25,4 cm

Condition - Very good color, impression and state

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