Kabuki theater scene 1881

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Morikawa Chikashige 守 川 周  kabuki theater scene according to signature 1881 TToyohara Kunichika  the master of  Morikawa Chikashige


We know very little about Morikawa Chikashige, not even the year of his birth or his death, except for a reference to his death in an article Yomiuri shinbun written in 1900.

We know that he was a pupil of the famous ukiyo-e teacher Meiji Kunichika Toyohara and that much of his woodblock prints correspond to scenes of the kabuki theater and its actors, in triptychs of strong and striking colors of anilinaque are very frequent in the old Japanese woodblock prints Of the beginning of the Meiji period, since dyes imported from Europe

In addition to his acting triptychs, Chikashige produced a few kaika-e, prints depicting the modernization of Japan, as well as illustrations for nishiki-e and shinbun etoki newspapers and for kabuki sashi-e novels, he also made some woodblock prints for hikifuda .

The red dyes imported from Europe, mainly from England and Germany did not get the tonality that is why these woodblock prints are less valued, in this ancient Japanese woodblock prints we can see the intensity of the color.

This ancient Japanese woodblock prints we know was made in 1881 by his signature see image, since I make several modifications depending on the period of his works.

Artist Morikawa Chikashige 守 川 周active  1869-82

Image Size - Approximately 28" x 14"  / 72 x 35,56 cm 

Condition - Three separate prints, not attached at the seams, not backed. Slightly soiled, some thinned areas in the right panel. Overall nice, see phots.


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