Twig of chrysanthemum

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Twig of chrysanthemum with several white flowers. By an artist of the Meiji era (unsigned) Surimono


Attractive surimono with image of a twig of chrysanthemum with several white flowers.

The chrysanthemum is the imperial emblem of Japan, in this case with the white tones that define mourning and the high quality of the paper tells us that the deceased should be an important person and could be an imperial official.

This surimono would be part of a larger program and this image would be the important image, that is why it is not signed by the printer and the quality of the paper is very high quality.

A beautiful design with delicate and precious detail.

Artist - artist of the Meiji era (unsigned)

Image size - 21 x 25.40 cm + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Great quality of the paper. Please see the photos for more details. Good on gener

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